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Rebalancing Balance

It would be foolish to say that any color or type in this modern age of pazudora is truly neglected. Some monsters might be easier to obtain and use than others, but provided one has an unlimited supply of stones and the will to explore different team options in the game, one will invariably end up loving the top tier gacha-only monsters from each subset defined by the color or type. This works in GungHo’s favor, because the only thing more profitable than making players want certain monsters for their teams is giving them those they don’t want whose value is too big to pass up; this itches the player’s mind and makes him/her dream about building new teams…which can be a quite costly and never ending circulus vitiosus.

On the other hand, if there were ever two types of teams that were traditionally frowned upon by the community, they’d be Balance and Wood. The former started off as a neglected monster type, unsuccessfully popularized by the tremendously difficult to obtain let alone farm Dios, eventually transitioning to a different color (blue). Now green has always had valuable utility gods to easily dismiss, but to this day remains a silly choice when it comes to long-term team investments simply because there aren’t enough opposite color descends or dungeons worth farming like there are with the other colors. Putting aside the sub choice issues that aren’t so pronounced as they were some time ago.

This new update attempts to repair the tarnished reputation of wood balance teams by finally adding uvos for the last remaining, and the least popular Chinese god, Genbu (Meimei). Surprisingly, this package came with another jaw dropping gift – a uvo for perhaps the least popular GodFes-only god, Green Odin.


The unexpected Green Odin ultimate evolution reveal…

Before we get to pondering the changes our cute, baby-faced snake/turtle lover girl has in store, some thoughts on the new Green Odin. First of all, the art: it’s bloody spectacular and continues the trend of jaw-dropping GodFes-only uvo artworks that Lmeta has set. Alas, it also adds little, in this case even far less functionality and efficiency – much in the same fashion to what could have been an earth-shattering, paradigm-shifting Lmeta uvo. Anyway, following the initial surge of joy caused by this sudden artwork reveal, came the cold shower in the form of not one, not two, but three auto heal awakenings. That and a slight stat boost.

How could this ever be meaningful you ask? Well, it probably won’t. He’s unarguably a better monster now and 2k autoheal is a lot. Not to mention the fact that we simply can’t expect uvos for GodFes-only monsters – although that unwritten rule seems to have been broken with the somewhat “forceful” Lmeta uvo chosen by popular demand. But still…what a missed opportunity.

An excellent stat stick as he may be, there are simply far too many green and green/light monsters with immensely better utility to consider this guy a staple in Balance or multicolor teams (Ra, Horus, Gohan, Netero). It doesn’t help that light is pretty much the least desirable subtype due to its omnipresence in the subs usually forming these teams. Right now though, if I were to try to comfort the Green Odin owners I’d focus on all those autoheals and the bind immunity. The other, sexier Odins don’t have those and the difference in skill boosts is only one. Additionally, Odin x Ama grind teams will become stronger and perhaps more viable than ever…as lackluster as they may be in this age of rows and soaring multipliers.


Check out the update details here… http://mobile.gungho.jp/news/pad/140613_sinka.html

A few months after Kirin, Leilan, Seiryuu and Haku, the two Genbu uvos are finally here. It won’t take more than a quick glance at them to know whether you’re trilled or disappointed, but it might take a bit more to see if that initial sentiment will prove justified…

meimei1     meimei2

For most players, the uvos will seem to be in reverse order. This is because unfortunately, Devil Genbu was made the weaker one, and Balance Genbu the more sensible choice with additional awakenings and stronger potential for synergy.

Devil Genbu still has only one green row enhance awakening, and of course, being the lesser uvo, not even a single additional awakening. So while this still gives the rookie Genbu users a very potent lead for a brand new 12.25x Devil Genbu team with easy-to-farm subs such as Duke Vampire Lord, Drawn Joker, Queen Hera and King Baddie, the more seasoned players will indubitably sigh and look at the amazing Super Devil Haku with 2 dark rows.

As for the Balance Genbu – this is it. The make-it-or-break-it monster for Wood Balance teams. At least the ones fit for the ultra hard dungeons that are already here and are bound to come. Of course, the obvious question today is “How doable is it to make a Genbu Balance team with 3x enhance from the blob (King Woodsie) and enough wood rows?”.

Looking at the cross section between balance, wood, and wood row enhance provided by the exquisite PadGuide for Android, one will find that the answer is all too simple but will nonetheless leave one scratching his head.

Wood Balance monsters with wood rows...

Wood Balance monsters with wood rows…

Going by the rule of thumb that a 12.25x team needs 6+ rows for the row enhance strategy to make sense, the ideal team a regular IAPer could make would be:

W/L Genbu (Leader)

Green Sonia   /   Artemis   /   Ultimate FFCD Archer   /   Airou Balance Boar

W/L Genbu (Friend)

This team would have 6 wood rows and some very nice utility monsters. ECO Shabo and Wind Twin Star Fafnir present another two interesting choices. Needless to say, without a lot of IAPing, it would be rather difficult to put together a team like this and in order to just reach 6 rows, another gacha-only god or Airou Boar would be absolutely necessary (alongside the farmable ECO Shabo and Twin Star Fafnir). So if those prerequisites aren’t met, and your goal is to use Genbu as a lead for a type team, the Devil team route might be a more viable option unless you’re hell bent on going mono-green.

If we are to ditch the type thing and simply stick with wood and/or light rows, there’d be a lot more subs to consider for a Genbu team. I won’t discuss this further as it all depends on what you have but I’m betting the perfect non-balance Genbu team would lean toward mono-green and 2way, and those monsters are plentiful.

That said, something tells me that we’ll see a lot more use for Balance Genbu as a sub seeing as how the new wood Zhuge GodFes-only super rare seems to be all the rage now. She does have that 2way attack awakening which makes her a perfect fit. Additionally, the new Athena will have a 2way and wood row enhance awakenings as well – and she has always been a staple on that team. GungHo is finally getting serious about 2way and I have no doubt that this new Genbu will end up becoming a highly sought after god.

Lastly, ultimate Grodin might not have any wood rows or 2ways but he still is a beast and for the lack of +297s on your, still rather low on RCV Balance team, could complement the turtle girl well.


Underwhelming, not what we had expected, or had gotten used to. All that could be said about this green update. Still, on closer inspection, it makes perfect (business) sense and is in the spirit of all the new movements in Pazudora. It’ll take some convincing for all of us but I’m sure that time will balance out our mixed feelings about the update…